Helicopters that Land at the Bottom from Las Vegas

Today I want to talk about tours that go from Las Vegas and land at the bottom of the canyon. There's a ton of names for this trip but the bottom line is that they essentially all come with the same thing with some big exceptions.

Before I ramble on about this particular flight, let's get this out of the way: Las Vegas helicopters only fly to the West Rim. There are no South Rim flights. If you want to go to the South Rim, you must go by airplane or by bus. Here are links:

The reason I mention this is that lots of folks get stuck on this detail and that should quickly decide for you which option best meets your interests. And here's an article I wrote that compares the West Rim against the South Rim.

OK, with that out of the way let's talk landing tour. This one in particular comes in two flavors. The basic version, which is also the cheapest option, departs from Boulder City, which is a 35-minute shuttle ride from Las Vegas. The deluxe version departs from the Las Vegas Strip and includes a limousine pick up and drop off.

Let's dwell on this for a moment. If you are on a budget and are determined to do the landing tour, I recommend you take the basic out of Boulder City. However, if you are celebrating a special occassion or want the ultimate in convenience, go with the deluxe and the limousine. Frankly, I'm now endorsing ONLY the deluxe because I think it's the better value when you factor in all the perks.

The Flight

The flight path is pretty straightforward. You go over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam before cresting over Grand Cliffs Wash and making the descent. Time spent over Hoover can be up to several minutes, which is plenty for photos (compared to like 20 seconds via airplane). As for the descent, it's about 12-15 minutes. Further, total AIR TIME is about 2.5 hours and total tour time is about 4 hours.

Time on the bottom is appx. 30 minutes. That's enough time to enjoy a Champagne brunch and a stroll to the Colorado River. Understand that you can ONLY fly to the bottom and land at the West Rim. This fact alone makes this flight extremely unique and special. By contrast, if you were to walk to the bottom, it would take you between 6-8 hours one way (and during summer you'd be doing it in 100-plus-degree heat).

Regarding the Champagne brunch. The libations are optional so you can always enjoy water or juice. The Champagne is NOT Dom Perignon but it stands on its own. As for the picnic, it's not a smorgasbord but more like relish/fruit/cheese tray that nicely compliments the Champagne. And when it's hot during summer you will not have a huge appetite. Besides, the trip comes with coffee and Danishes prior to take off.

Heavy Hitters

So there you have it when it comes to the most popular two options for the Las Vegas to West Rim helicopter tour that lands on the bottom. I think both of these tours are outstanding and as I said I'm more inclined to endorse the deluxe version. But there are two other variations of this flight that don't' get a lot of "press:"

First is deluxe that includes a sunset on the way back to Las Vegas. I call it the "golden hour" and it's absolutely magical. Of course, this flight is very limited so be forewarned that it sells out often. Then there's the "mega" version that combines landing at the bottom with a boat ride down the Colorado, Skywalk tickets at the top and 2-plus hours exploring the West Rim. In fact, when I get a traveler asking me for the most comprehensive Grand Canyon tour possible, I recommend THE MEGA.


OK, that wraps up my feature on the flight that lands at the bottom. I hope it clears the air about this flight and it's available options. I also pointed out that if you are on a budget stick with the basic. But if you have the extra money, always go for the trip that departs from the Las Vegas Strip (forgot to add that all these tours include the EcoStar 130 deluxe helicopter). I also introduced the sunset landing trip and then my personal favorite the 3-1 that does top, bottom, boat and skywalk. Regardless which option you go with, this tour always over-delivers.

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