Golden Eagle Las Vegas Strip w/ Limo

Finally got my wish! Papillon now has a Golden Eagle tour that departs from it's Las Vegas terminal and concludes with a Las Vegas Strip flyover. Lots of readers have asked for this trip. In the past, I've had to shrug and turn them away. Until now! But don't hesitate when booking this gem. It's now the hottest tour Pap offers and it constantly sells out.

It bears repeating: this Golden Eagle takes off from The Strip, which is a convenience you'll appreciate as you weave through Vegas traffic in a deluxe limousine. That's right, L-I-M-O, and its part of the package!

The flight takes off from the south end of McCarran International Airport and heads east. You'll go over Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the U.S., and Hoover Dam, one of the West's most iconic landmarks.

papillon vegas strip helicopter

You'll press on, passing Fortification hill (an extinct volcano) and Grand Cliff's Wash before entering Grand Canyon airspace. It's here that the canyon's walls rise to surround you; below you'll see the Colorado River, a winding, churning waterway that's home to some of the best white water rapids on the planet.

The aircraft will continue into the heart of the canyon. Then you'll bank via a side canyon, pass the incredible Grand Canyon Skywalk (a/k/a the Glass Bridge) and make the return trip to Vegas over some of the most pristine Mojave Desert known to man.

But, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, your pilot will bank right, head north, then make a U-turn just ahead of the Stratosphere Tower (the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River). Here, you'll hover over the World Famous Las Vegas Strip and get terrific aerial views of:

  • Paris' Eiffel Tower
  • MGM's Emerald City
  • Luxor's Pyramid
  • The Excalibur Castle
  • The NY NY Skyline
  • Bellagio's Lake
  • Mirage's Volcano
  • Treasure Island's Pirate Ships
  • Caesar's Grand Coliseum

...and much, much more!

From start to finish, the Golden Eagle with Vegas Strip is packed with sights! If you're looking specifically for an aerial tour, this is the one!

Reservations & Deals

I noted earlier that this tour is HOT. Thus book in advance. I still get travelers asking me if they should purchase this trip upon arrival. The answer will always be "no." If you're concerned that you might have to change plans or cancel, that's OK. Papillon's cancellation policy is one of the most generous in the business, letting you cut and run 24 hours prior to take off.

The other advantage of booking ahead is that you get to tap into a larger selection of flight times. I tell folks that morning flights are the best because that's when you get the best visibility. However, I'm also recommending that you chase down the last tour of the day so you can squeeze a sunset landing into the mix. However, your ability to do this is nullified if you wait until the last minute.

Deals abound on the Internet. The trick is knowing where the deals are. I've met travelers who spend hours agonizing where to purchase their trip. It's really quite simple: go direct to the tour supplier. These are the folks that own and operate the tours and they have the ultimate authority to offer prices that will take your breath away. The ONLY caveat here is:

"Make sure you complete your transaction online in order to secure the special Internet pricing."

Troll the travel forums long enough and you'll read stories of woe wherein traveler X jumped through a ton of hoops to get an online deal only to pick up the phone and book it via one of the company's sales people. The result: Upsell! Don't be that guy. Follow through and complete the transaction online. Then riddle customer service with every question in the book.

papillon sunset helicopter


The Golden Eagle with Vegas Strip is one of the best aerial tours now flying from Las Vegas. It includes complimentary limousine service to and from your Strip hotel. And once you've gotten off the ground, you'll be treated to the best of both worlds: The incredible nature of the Grand Canyon and the flamboyant neon extravaganza that is Las Vegas. Just remember to book this trip ahead of time & online. It will save you time, but, most importantly, it will save you CASH!

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Have a grand day,

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