Papillon Customer Reviews

"The Staff Epitomized Professionalism!"

My fiance and I consider ourselves luck to have booked a helicopter tour with Papillon! Words alone are not enough to express how much we enjoyed the experience. From start to finish, the staff epitomized professionalism, making the check-in process a cinch, and even the shuttle to the airfield was enjoyable and quick. Our pilot Paul was really passionate about flying and his enthusiasm for the Grand Canyon really impressed us. I sincerely believe that our flight was definitely the experience of a lifetime because of him! Thank you so much!! The views from the copter are spectacular and landing at the bottom and standing there in something so majestic really made our day! Originally, we reserved a helicopter ride with Maverick several days earlier, and only on the recommendation of the hotel we were staying at, so yeah we've flown both companies, and we feel really confident that Papillon's tours are better. One of the great things about Papillon is they are on the ball and will call you a day or the night prior to take off and alert you if your trip is being cancelled or rescheduled due to weather. By contrast, Maverick kept taking shuttles full of travelers to their terminal (including us) and made us wait in their lobby full well knowing that no helicopter was taking off that day and THEN announcing that our flight was cancelled. In conclusion, if you're in Las Vegas and you are going to take a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon, go with Papillon Helicopters. For us, it was the highlight of our vacation!!!

Lynn & Ronnie D., Modesto, CA

"Helicopter Ride Had Real Wow Factor"

Just returned from an incredible week in Las Vegas, which included taking a helicopter trip with Papillon - I pulled out all the stops and booked the one that goes to the bottom of the canyon w/ boat ride on the river followed up with a lunch at Guano Point - it was a phenomenal daytrip - the tour incredibly well-organised down to the last detail, all staff were courteous, helpful and communicative, the helicopter ride had a real "wow" factor to it as my wife won the lottery and got to sit up front next to our pilot - We are repeat Papillon customers and we'll be using them again as all our experiences have been off the chart - if you're going to Las Vegas, do yourself a big favor and take this trip.

Frank & Karin S., Syracuse N.Y.