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Have you ever wanted something so much that you could almost taste it? Well, that's how a lot of people feel about Grand Canyon helicopter tours. In my opinion, they're the best way to see and experience the National Park.

Grand Canyon helicopters aren't exactly cheap, although they're reasonably priced for everything you get. You get more than your money's worth for sure, but still, they can get kind of expensive. At full retail price, they might be a stretch for some peoples' budgets. That's why I've spent a lot of time learning how to make flights on Grand Canyon helicopters much more affordable.

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Stick with me here for a few minutes, because I'm about to share some of my best tips for getting great deals on Grand Canyon helicopters. Once you know where to look, deals on West or South Rim helicopter tours are easy to find!

Buy Online

First and foremost, always use the Internet to book flights on Grand Canyon helicopters. That's where the best deals always are.

I don't mean that you should use one of the big travel websites like Priceline, Viator, HotWire, Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia. Instead, buy your tickets through the website of a tour operator itself. That's where you'll find the best deals of all. You won't pay any extra "service fee" when you buy direct from the tour company. Plus, a lot of the best companies run Internet-only discounts and specials.

Complete your purchase online. By phoning customer service or mailing in your payment, you'll lose the online discount. I'd hate to see you miss out on some terrific deals by making that mistake!

Promotional Codes

Some people make a big deal out of promo codes, but not me. Sure, they can save you as much as 5% off retail price, but their expiration dates are so short a lot of them are expired by the time I even find them! You can do a lot better (up to 30% off retail) just by booking online at the tour company's site.

Book in Advance

Another thing that's very important is when you book your tour. You won't get any bargains by waiting until the last minute. In fact, that's almost guaranteed to make your seats cost more than if you'd booked a week or two in advance. Booking well ahead (at least a week, but two would be even better) will also give you a lot more options. You'll be able to choose the specific date, flight time and add-ons you really want, before they're sold out (these tours are so popular they sell out regularly). Don't get stuck with the leftovers and pay too much - book your tickets well in advance!

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Avoid Buying at the Destination

In a similar vein, maybe the worst mistake you could make is booking your Grand Canyon helicopter tour at the National Park or in Vegas. You won't find any deals at the ticket kiosks, and you'll pay too much for the convenience of buying through your hotel concierge. Think about it for a minute. You show up at your hotel's concierge desk looking for tickets. Immediately, these folks know it's a last minute, impulse buy and that there's a commissionable sale to be had. Pow! Off they go "selling" you the high-priced retail trip that you want to avoid (and can just by following some of the tips listed here).

Kinds of Helicopter Tours

In all cases, you'll choose from aerial flights and landing tours. Air tours are the quickest way to sample the Grand Canyon. You'll see all the key points and before you know it you'll be back on the ground and on your way. Landing tours are more involved, and usually combine a flight with one or more side trips on the ground. Most of these tours are at the West Rim and include such things like:

  1. Flight to bottom of the Canyon
  2. Champagne Picnic
  3. Colorado River boat ride
  4. Grand Canyon Skywalk tickets
  5. Top-of-the-rim attractions like Guano Point, Eagle Point, Indian Cultural Center and Hualapai Ranch

South Rim landing tours are limited. This is due to the federal government's limitations on air traffic and noise pollution over the National Park. Of the landing tours available, my favorite is the Sunset Jeep 4x4 Tour.

Before purchasing a helicopter tour, you've got to know two things:

  1. Your starting point
  2. Which rim you want to visit

south rim grand canyon

West Rim v.s. South Rim

There are two points of departure: Las Vegas, NV, and Grand Canyon National Park Airport, AZ. Vegas travelers will fly to the West Rim, while folks departing from the canyon's airport will do the South Rim. No helicopters from the 270 miles from Las Vegas to the South Rim because the distance is out of a chopper's range. I do want to note that Las Vegas visitors can take this airplane/helicopter package to the South Rim, explore all there is to see, and be back in Las Vegas before nightfall. There are no helicopter flights (or airplane flights, for that matter) that connect the rims.


The Grand Canyon is a magnificent place, and it's so big (177 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and well over a million acres) it's almost impossible to take in its true grandeur from the ground. Arizona is lucky to have one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and Grand Canyon helicopters are the best way to see it.

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